In order for us to give an accurate price quote for your window cleaning we need some detailed information from you. We
have provided the form below for you to enter your information. You may print this blank form, gather the information, and
call us to get a price quote. Or you may fill out the form and submit it to us online and receive a price quote by e-mail within
24 hours.

Our standard window cleaning service includes washing the glass only. If you would like the screens washed, the sills
vacuumed and washed, paint removed from the glass, or any other added service please let us know in the comments section
provided. Also in the comments section please let us know if your house has large picture or bay windows, whether these
windows have storm windows on the outside (which can require two service personnel), and whether your house is over two
stories tall (this can include two story houses with a walk out basement).

During our busy season ( April through December ) we need a minimum of two days and in some cases up to three weeks
advanced notice to get you on the schedule. We have morning ( 9am ) or afternoon ( after 12 ) appointments available.
Scheduling an exact time to be at your home is not possible . If you have a large house expect it to take most of the day.
Smaller homes and town houses can usually be done in half a day.

If you have a large house with a lot of windows with various shapes and sizes, we may need to come out and see your house.
Use the
come out and look estimate form. For all others who can count and size up their windows please answer the
questions below.

What types of windows are in your home?

Double hung windows that open and slide up and down (most houses).

Casement windows that crank open with a handle.

Sliding windows that open and slide left and right.

Do you have storm windows? A storm window is a second set of glass that is installed sometimes on the inside of the window
but usually on the outside of the window.

No I do not have any storm windows.

Yes I have triple track storm windows on the outside that slides up and down.

Yes I have storm windows on the inside of the windows that clip on to the window frame.

Yes I have fixed storm windows on the outside of the windows that are screwed on and can only be removed
from the outside.

Yes I have storm windows on the outside that slide left and right.

** Notes on describing your windows: Most homes have double hung windows (a window with two "sashes", a top and a
bottom sash, which still counts as one window), which may have fixed or removable grilles (also known as muntins). If you
have grilles, for us to give an accurate price quote we need to know the number of squares on the top sash and the number of
squares on the bottom sash (the more panes or squares you have the more the cost). Some examples are 6 over 6 , 8 over 8
, 6 over 9 , and 12 over 12. Casement windows and sliding windows don't usually have muntins or grills; we size them small
and large.







Phone #:


How many windows do you have? Enter the amounts below in the boxes. Don't forget to add screens and sills if you want
them washed too.

double hung windows with no grilles

Picture or bay windows smaller than 4' x 4'

4 over 4 double hung windows

Picture or bay windows larger than 4' x 4'

6 over 6 double hung windows

small fixed windows that don't open

6 over 9 double hung windows

large fixed windows that don't open


8 over 8 double hung windows

9 over 9 double hung windows

sliding glass doors

12 over 12 double hung windows

exterior doors

small sliding windows

French door panels

large sliding windows

garage doors with glass

small casement crank out windows

screens to wash

large casement crank out windows

window sills to vacuum and wash

Please enter contact information so we can contact you with an price quote.Provide additional details in the comments
section. After successfully submitting this information you will be taken to a page where you can view your estimate request as
a reference. A price will not be quoted at this time. We need to recieve the information and respond back to you. We are
usually able to respond within 24 hours.

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